Dear friends,


As some of you may know, I am moving to New York City in a matter of days. It has been a truly immeasurable pleasure to spend the past three years with you. As much as I love each and every one of Mass Poetry’s programs, I also love working with you—receiving your emails, reading your poems, seeing you at events. When I was hired in February 2013, it was largely as the manager of the festival volunteers, all of whom I fell in love with—the generous, warm, passionate people that our volunteer base tends to be! When I became the Program Director that June, I was excited to have more opportunities to engage with this vibrant community. I will certainly miss that, and miss you.

As I cleaned out my office this past week, I found Mass Poetry’s 2013 “one-sheet,” which listed our programs: the festival, the annual Student Day of Poetry, and Common Threads. Being the emotional creature I am, I brought that home with me as a keepsake, and a reminder of how much we have grown. It has been an incredible ride here, and such a pleasure to work with Michael, January, Jackie, and our generous board and interns. A small but determined team, we have grown Student Day of Poetry from an annual event reaching 800 students per year to a dynamic program that has engaged 10,200 students in the past two years. We have launched Poetry on the T, become the proud adoptive parents of U35, redesigned our website and regularized our communications, and so much more. I am excited to watch the organization, programs, and community continue to grow.

I hope you’ll keep in touch. I am headed to the Poetry Society of America in January and would be happy to see familiar faces at their many upcoming events, if you find yourself in the neighborhood. I will also be at the 2016 Massachusetts Poetry Festival April 29-May 1, and look forward to seeing many of you there!

So, this is the last week I’ll be letting you know the “latest.” Next week, you’ll meet Mass Poetry’s new Program Director, to whom I confidently hand the baton!

Wishing you all good things and happy holidays,


Laurin Macios