With the exception of Venue Captains, all volunteers will be scheduled with at least one other volunteer, so you will be able to take breaks as needed.

  • Greeters/Session Attendants ensure that their assigned events run smoothly. They greet those attending the session, and they help make sure that all set-up needs for the event are met (if they are not, they alert their Venue Captain). They help ensure that the event begins and ends on time by helping speakers keep track. They also ensure that there is plenty of water on hand at the event for participants and attendees. There are two Greeters per event. One Greeter should stand by the door of the event to ensure that everyone who enters has purchased a festival button. The other Greeter should be seeing that set-up needs are met, and should help ensure that the event start and end on time. Greeters at the PEM do not need to worry about attendees having a button, as all museum-goers may attend the sessions. Greeters at workshops will have a check-in list for attendees.
  • Lobby Greeters carry are on-hand at each venue to distribute programs to attendees and direct them to where they need to go.
  • Floaters carry out a few different tasks as needed. They lead poets, producers, and other volunteers to their respective venues after they have checked in if needed. They float throughout the festival and collect cash from each button seller and information station, and bring it back to headquarters. They fill in if another volunteer doesn't show up, and/or may be dispatched to see to a particular need that requires a quick response. Floaters are stationed in Headquarters.
  • Venue Captains serve as the go-to person for all volunteers within their designated venue. They make rounds throughout their shifts to ensure that all volunteers and event leaders have everything they need and that all set-up/AV needs have been met. Venue captains can expect to be called by volunteers in their assigned sections for help and trouble-shooting, and are responsible for getting in touch with Volunteer Headquarters to have a “runner” or “floater” sent over to cover a shift at a specific site or particular event.
  • Information Booth Attendants are stationed at information booths by Museum Place Mall and Old Town Hall, 2 to a booth per shift. They answer general festival attendee questions, give directions, sell buttons and give out program books and maps. They are the go-to “FAQ” people for festival attendees. This role is OUTSIDE.
  • Set-Up/Break-Down Crew are the “unsung heroes” of the festival. They make sure that all signage, pop-up tents and tables/chairs are set up in their proper places at the start of each day. They make sure that these items are all broken down in the evenings and that all is prepared for the next festival day.
  • Poet/Volunteer Check-in check in poets and volunteers in headquarters, making sure they are present and ready for their sessions or shifts.