Trubadour: A New Avenue for Poetry Recommendations

by Lauren McCormick | July 2017

How do you find new-to-you contemporary poetry? Like a lot of readers, I rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, reviews, and keeping up with my favorite publishers. It takes quite the effort and I know there is a lot of amazing poetry out there that I'm missing. Accessibility is one of the biggest issues and I'm continuously finding ways to combat it. So when I heard about a new startup that proposed a solution to this exact problem, I was interested.

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rebecca Roach, the founder of Trubadour. She believes that poetry should be more accessible and inclusive, and she's setting out to make this happen. Having a personalized place to get new poetry recommendations based on my interests would be invaluable. For the poetry in-crowd and newcomers alike, Trubadour has so much potential.

Rebecca's Pitch:  "Today’s submit-and-sell model of traditional publishing keeps poets in the dark and readers at a distance. The system is costly and stressful for serious poets and prioritizes editors’ decisions, not diverse tastes and total talent. Trubadour restores the focus back to writing and places poets and readers in control. Our share-and-connect, mobile platform and marketplace grows audiences by enabling personal networks built on quality poems—and by applying both human and algorithmic curation for poem discovery."

If this piques your interest as it has mine, visit Trubadour's website to sign up for their mailing list. You'll be the first to know when the service launches and soon enough, we will hopefully all be flush with new poetry.