In-School Student Day of Poetry
february 12 and february 26, 2016

Poetry and the Creative Mind
Regie Gibson

After an initial warm up exercise that includes "non-sense" questions, the students, through the use of ancient poetic devices, are shown how poetry, science, art, technology and language utilize the same creative process but with different elements. Students are encouraged to play with language as they may once have played with blocks or legos, i.e, to put them together into unfamiliar combinations and discover something new and interesting.

Of Myth and Me

In this workshop students contribute content to 6 categories related to what factors affect a culture's ethos, pathos, and mythos. Then, using part of the material, students are led in the construction of a "mythographic poem". That is, a "nonsensical word salad", in which the students must use the class-contributed content to describe themselves in a mythic sense. This exercise ostensibly makes no sense, but almost always yields surprising results and very often spot-on insights.