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Black Cat Labs is a rapid manufacturing and design firm based in Somerville that specializes in laser cutting and engraving. They are located at Artisan's Asylum where in between being fabricators they teach classes on how to design for and operate laser cutters. 



Miles Donovan is an artist and designer living in Somerville, MA. Working primarily with digital tools, Donovan's focus is (often irreverent) illustration and typographical pieces. With a studio in Somerville's largest makerspace, the Artisans Asylum, Donovan enjoys the opportunity to create in a variety of mediums, from hand-pulled screen prints to laser-fabricated light art.


Morgan French is an American based artist born in Nashua New Hampshire. She currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts attending Lesley University College of Art and Design. As a Fine Art major, she has explored many areas of art but found her passion in printmaking. Her work is fueled by process and the organic nature of the materials as well as influences from the woodsy nature of New Hampshire. She plans to continue her Fine Arts education and hopes to work in the printmaking community creating art and collaborating with other artists around the world.


Marco Kienle was born in North Hampton, MA, but spent his childhood in Southern Germany. He is currently attending Lesley University College of Art and Design, where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree of fine arts. Marco enjoys working in most mediums but is predominantly interested in painting as well as various forms of printmaking. After finishing college he plans to continue working in the art world.

Thank you to the students from Lesley University who created a variety of stencils for Raining Poetry!