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Become a sponsor today or email Sara Siegel at sara@masspoetry.org for more information. Payments can be made via PayPal by clicking the button below, or via check, made out to Mass Poetry, mailed to 15 Channel Center Street, Suite 103, Boston MA 02210. 

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Philip Levine at the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Headline Poet Sponsorship
Mass Poetry would be grateful for a donation of $1,500 to sponsor one of the headline poets that we welcome to the festival. 

Supporters at this level will have the opportunity to meet the poet who he or she has supported with this gift. Additionally, supporters will be named in signage at the entrance to the performance area.



Volunteer Mik Augustin at the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Volunteer Sponsorship
A single contribution of $5,000 will support all of our volunteers and their efforts. Everything from t-shirts and snacks to a small reception are provided to our unpaid volunteers.

Signage thanking our volunteer supporters will appear at the VIP reception.

Other gift levels to support volunteer activities are:
• 2 supporters donating $2,500 each
• 10 supporters donating $500 each
• 20 supporters donating $250 each 


"Love and Beauty," a packed session at the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Program and Workshop Sponsorship
Program support for participating poets at the festival’s workshops (under the guidance of seasoned poets) is an area where Mass Poetry seeks support. We would greatly appreciate gifts to support this incredibly important facet of the festival, so that talented and promising poets may flourish.

Supporters will receive a selection of poems from the sessions, and will receive recognition with signage at the workshop.

To support a group of 5 new poets, we graciously ask for a gift of $750. The support of each poet (of which we have at least 100 each year) is $150.

To support the workshop leaders, we are asking for a donation of $150 per leader. A gift of $6,250 will support the entire group.


Performance Sponsorship
The hallmarks of the Poetry Festival are the performances. To that end, we are developing a host committee to support the performances at the festival.

• Sponsorship: $10,000
• Co-sponsorship: $2,500 (maximum of four)
• Supporter: $1000 (maximum of ten)
• Friend: $500 (maximum of twenty)



Poets With New Books reading at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival 2014

Headquarters of the 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, featuring Festival ED January O'Neil, volunteer extraordinaire Lis Weiss Horowitz, and SSU interns Kayla Russell and Felicia Connolly

General Fund Support
Likely the least glamorous but one of the most essential areas of support needed at the festival is the general fund. From police protection to the poetry trollies, we have significant costs of actually putting on the festival that require generous support from donors.

Overall, our overhead costs amount to roughly $7,500. We would gratefully accept donations in any amount to count toward the production of the festival.

Student Day of Poetry

Students in a workshop at Student Day of Poetry 2013

Statewide Support
To sponsor a workshop leader at our Statewide Student Day of Poetry, we ask supporters for a donation of $100 per leader. Sponsors are welcome to bundle these together and support more than one leader at this level. 

To sponsor one of our headliners, gift levels range from $400 - $1000.

To provide the necessary accommodations and supplies for the day, we ask our supporters to consider the following sponsorships:
• Paper and writing instruments: $300
• T-shirts for participants: $500
• Bus transportation: $500
• Lunches for students: $1,000 - $2,500
• Program books: $1,500

Donors will receive recognition in the Student Day of Poetry program book and on our website.


Poet Ricky Orng engaging with middle school students during an In-school Student Day of Poetry at Pyne Arts Magnet School in Lowell

In-school Support
Mass Poetry would be incredibly grateful if a donor were willing to sponsor one of our In-school Student Days of Poetry at a school that cannot meet the financial demands of hosting poets. 

To sponsor an In-school Student Day of Poetry in a low-income school, we ask for a donation of $1,000. 

To sponsor a partial In-school Student Day of Poetry, we ask for a donation of $500; this may be combined with other donations to sponsor a full day.

The donor will receive a portfolio of images and poems produced during the day, as well as correspondence from the students who benefitted from the program.


Poetry on the T

With Poetry on the T questions, please email Sara Siegel at sara@masspoetry.org or fill out the Sponsorship Form and Sara will be in touch to discuss options and details.

A Poetry on the T poster sponsored by UMass Boston's MFA in Creative Writing Program, featuring "The Beautiful Woman" by Jill McDonough

Program Sponsorship
Poetry on the T sponsorship packages start at $6000, a rate which sponsors 125 poem posters (up to three poems/designs) on the MBTA orange line for four weeks. Sponsored posters bear the sponsor's name or logo and feature poems chosen jointly by the sponsor and Mass Poetry.

Sponsorships must be contracted at least six weeks prior to the desired Poetry on the T start date.

Professional Development

Jill McDonough leading a session at our Professional Development Summer Seminar 2014

Program Support
To support the teachers who will learn from this experience, Mass Poetry encourages gifts at the following levels:
• Supporter: $250
• Friend: $500
• Sponsor: $1,500

Common Threads

The cover of Common Threads 2013

Program Support
To support the annual Common Threads publication, media package, outreach, and events, Mass Poetry encourages gifts at the following levels:
• Friend: $100
• Co-sponsor: $250
• Sponsor: $500
• Co-chair: $1,000 

Supporters will be honored by acknowledgement in the publication and on signage at the Common Threads event at the Mass Poetry Festival.



U35 Reading Series

Poet Shari Caplan reading at U35, March 2014

Program Support
With hope that the program expands, we ask donors to consider a gift of either $250 or $500 to support the readings. 

$2,000 will support an entire year of this series.

Donors will be recognized on our website, on signage leading into The Marliave, and with a mention at the beginning of the reading.