New Books by Massachusetts Poets

We invite you to support and celebrate the Commonwealth's rich poetry community by buying a new book of poetry by a Massachusetts poet for yourself, for a friend, or as a gift to your local library. The below are new books of poems by Massachusetts poets.

Get to know Massachusetts poets and their new books with our 'Getting to Know...' interview series.


Getting to Know...
Interviews with Massachusetts poets with new books

Keith Althaus: Cold Storage
Jennifer Barber: Works on Paper
Carrie Bennett: The Land is a Painted Thing
Denise Bergman: A Woman In Pieces Crossed a Sea
Simeon Berry: Ampersand Revisisted and Monograph
Karina Borowicz: Proof
Elizabeth Bradfield: Once Removed
Martha Collins: Admit One: An American Scrapbook
Liam Day: Afforded Permanence
Maggie Dietz: That Kind of Happy
Lori Desrosiers: Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak
Margot Douaihy: Girls Like You
Kelly DuMar: All These Cures
Frederick Farryl Goodwin: Galactic Milk
Leopold Figaro: The Colored Seasons
Linda Flaherty-Haltmaier: Rolling up the Sky
Hannah Fries: Little Terrarium
Kevin Gallagher: Loom
David Giannini: Span of Thread
Deborah Gorlin: Life of the Garment
Holly Guran: River of Bones
Audrey Henderson: Airstream
Kevin Hogan: My Riastrad
Jennifer Jean: The Fool
Terry S. Johnson: Coelescence
A.M. Juster: Sleaze & Slander and The Billy Collins Experience
Rebecca Kaiser Gibson: Opinel
Jim LaFond-Lewis: The Year There Were No Apples
Lori Lamothe: Trace Elements
Ruth Lepson: Ask Anyone
Moira Linehan: Incarnate Grace
Julia Lisella: Always
Jennifer Markell: Samsara
Kevin McLellan: Tributary
Ed Meek: Spy Pond
Gary Metras: The Moon in the Pool
Daryl Muranaka: Hanami
Leslea Newman: I Carry My Mother
Kathy Nilsson: The Infant Scholar
January Gill O'Neil: Misery Islands
Andrew K. Peterson: Anonymous Bouquet
Ron Pies: The Myeloma Year
Dennis Pollock: Frozen Rope
Christopher Reilley: Breathing for Clouds
Steven Riel: Fellow Odd Fellow
John Ronan: Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown
Len Solo: A Symphony of the Ordinary
Sarah Sousa: Split the Cow
Sandee Storey: Every State Has Its Own Light
Wally Swist: Daudejing
Gail Thomas: Waving Back
Daniel Tobin: From Nothing
Molly Lynn Watt: On Wings of Song
Hilde Weisert: The Scheme of Things
Andrea Werblin: Sunday with the Sound Turned Off
Michael West: The Mango, 52 Haiku, and Natural Selection