Common Threads 2016 Cover Art Contest Winner

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Title: "in the midst of"
Artist: Molly Sidell

Born and raised in Gloucester Massachusetts, Molly Sidell draws most of her inspiration from the island's coast and culture. She is currently a student of theatre and visual arts at Gordon college. Visit her at

Artist statement: "When a house falls down, the threshold is often left standing amongst the rubble. Life has a way of dealing blows that mercifully strip us of ancient walls which hinder true connection. Destruction opens a door to something new and beautiful. Though things without boundaries are terrifying—even possibilities--this threshold prophesies in the midst of pain, whispering, “hope.” Nothing is separated in our experience/dreams; not people, person, thing, or spirit, mind or body. Life is less about the differences on each side of the threshold, but rather the act, the courage, of stepping through."