please contribute! mass poetry needs your financial support

Plain and simple, folks, we need your monetary support to continue our work.

At Mass Poetry we do a lot on very little. In fact you may find it hard to believe what your contribution can mean to our work. But here’s an example: a monthly contribution of $10 over the entire year will pay for a workshop leader at a Student Day of Poetry. And check out the graphic at the side to see the power of those workshops!

Your contribution can make just as significant a difference in any of the following programs:

  • The annual Massachusetts Poetry Festival

  • Multiple Student Day of Poetry sessions – both regional events and school specific events – which will reach approximately 6,000 students this year

  • Several professional development sessions for approximately 60 teachers in the past year

  • Hundreds of Common Threads poetry discussion groups

  • U35 readings promoting young, emerging poets

  • 40 poems on the MBTA (number includes those that will appear before the end of this year)

Each of these programs has its own costs, but to stay with the costs of delivering one day of Student Day of Poetry to a school, here are some of the items you might never think about:

  • Paper and writing instruments: $300

  • T-shirts for participants: $500

  • Bus transportation: $500

  • Lunches for students: $1,000 - $2,500

  • Program books: $1,500

So give today to help us keep the programs rolling!

Contribute a lump sum – or become a sustaining member

When you go to our secure donation site, you can give a lump sum to Mass Poetry. Or you can become a sustaining member, donating a small amount you’ll hardly miss from your bank account each month or quarter. Yet that amount adds up. Or you can give in memory or in honor of someone you’d like to celebrate.

If one person donates $10 a month that adds up to $120 a year. And if 200 people contribute that much, we’ll have $24,000! And if 200 people contribute $20 a month, that becomes almost $50,000!

So if you love poetry, donate now!