2015 In-school Student day of Poetry
Thursday May 21

Beast Mode: Be a Beast
Jamele Adams, aka Harlym 1two5

By the time we are done, we would have moved the world a little bit and re-imagined the lines by which poetry is defined. Writing is the spark that ignites flames of thought; thus your poetry leaves a trail of blue flames-the core of any fire. A kaleidoscope of creativity unleashed and unveiled "write" from you. Let us begin.

Silly Image, Serious Thought: A Comedy Club in the Poetic Temple
Noah Burton

Sometimes sitting on a rock in silence doesn't bring enlightenment—but throwing a mud pie does. Go figure! In this workshop you'll see how being silly and playful with images can lead you to deeply personal and universal discoveries that, in turn, complete a poem. With a clown car as your transport, who knows, maybe you'll see the universe or travel the highways of your conciousness? And maybe we'll join you too.

Write What You See: Observation, Image, and Memory
Sam Cha

You're constantly looking at things. And what you see--what you observe--says a lot about who you are, and what you know. In this workshop, students will read poems (by Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath, and Jacob Rakovan) that make sharp use of the visual, turning observed detail into images that crystallize memory and emotion and sensation. Building on these insights (through a series of short writing exercises) students will write their own poems.

Writing Truth & Beauty: Finding Poems in Your Pictures
Kelly DuMar

Certain pictures arrest our attention and prompt an emotional response we cannot immediately express – but we hope we’ll find a way. Writing poetry from photos allows us to express the truth of what we feel and haven’t said, and capture the beauty and deeper meaning of an image in words. We’ll let the images “speak” - writing poems that capture the feelings, personalities, relationships, rites of passage, cultural identity and family history evoked by photographs. Please bring photos to work from!


Where We're From
Erich Haygun

Students will draft a poem that illustrates pride in their community, as well addresses challenges that community faces, using symbolism and imagery.

Because, the Internet: A Workshop in Digital Age Poetics
Emily Jaeger

What role does poetry play in a world plagued with techno-babble? Bring your smartphones, laptops, and tablets for an interactive workshop exploring the ways in which the Internet and social media inform our poetic sensibilities. We’ll examine established forms of modern text and multimedia that incorporate the Internet, such as flarf, Google poems, and hyperlink poetry, then explore ways to create our own pieces through gif set ekphrasis and other exercises.

Great News!
Jennifer Jean

“It is difficult/ to get the news from poems,” wrote poet William Carlos Williams, “Yet men die miserably every day/ for lack/ of what is found there.” In this workshop we’re going to make it easy for folks to get the news from poems—we’re going to write our own “poem-responses” to items featured in the global news! Not only will you learn about free-verse-poetry-writing-basics in this workshop (about how to write poems containing:  potent language, vivid imagery and powerful lines), we’ll also discuss example poem-responses, various approaches to the poem-response, as well as the biggest news items of the day.

Traveling Through Time with Epistolary Poetry
Danielle Jones-Pruett

The epistle is a type of poem that underscores the intimacies and freedoms found in a letter. We will write letter-poems to someone you would like to talk to, but can’t for whatever reason—an historical figure who lived a long time ago, a character from a novel, someone you’ve loved and lost, or maybe a past version of yourself. We will use the epistolary form to start a dialogue, to say things that need to be said, and to explore persona and strengthen voice.

Speak Your Story!
Jonathan Mendoza

Get real! Speak truth! Honest writing and performing can be important, moving and transformative for both the speaker and listener. Through various theatre and writing exercises, this workshop will get you to explore your inner self and speak your story as you wish to express it. P.S. Fun will be had!

Poetry Remixed
January Gill O'Neil

This workshop will focus on finding poems in unusual places: in newspapers, magazines, recipes, labels, music lyrics, movies, art, advertisements, even tweets—basically, everywhere. The source material is an all-access backstage pass into a world of our own making and unmaking; a door to enter and exit however we please. Much our time will be spent on writing exercises, and reading and writing based off the work of emerging poets—all to broaden our sense of how and where we might find poetry in the public domain. Once you're "in," where you (and your poems) go is up to you.

Pop Culture vs. Poetry: Can They Get Along?
August Smith

What does Drake have to do with Walt Whitman? Is there anything poetic about The Legend of Zelda? How can a writer effectively employ things like a can of Coke, the music of Skrillex, txting lingo, Flava Flav, and President Obama in their poems? In this workshop, we will explore how poets use the commercial culture around them to create exciting, urgent, and modern poems. And then we’re going to write some poetic pop culture jams that our parents won't really understand.

Rhythm and Poetry: The Music of Art
Donald Vincent

During this craft poetry session, participants will explore the adventures of hip-hop & poetry or put simply, music and its intersectionality with poetry. Poems written throughout this session will comment on the art in a variety of forms: social issues, contemporary pop culture references, mainstream music, favorite films, or whatever tickles their imagination’s fancy. Poems created during this session will animate a chosen art form by creating rhythm with poetry. Licensed to create, writers will discover locating how minds experience and apprehend meaning after finding an artful aesthetic that embodies the writer’s understanding of the world around them. So during our time together, we will not only discuss the music of art, but we will be creating some of our own.