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Getting to Know Rebecca Connors and Her New Chapbook: Split Map

“The title comes from one of my favorite poems in the collection, Split Map. The title also encompasses how these poems are about the split across generations, across states, and across relationships, particularly relationships with men. The poems in this collection tackle the turn of adolescence, the father who bullies his daughter, and the belief that being good will earn you love. These poems take place among magnolia trees, honeysuckle vines, and in the summer heat.”

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Small Press Interview Series: Rose Metal Press

a conversation between Erica Charis-Molling and co-founders Abigail Beckel (Publisher) and Kathleen Rooney (Editor)

“We really believe that hybrid or unconventional work can speak to all kinds of readers—that innovative forms of writing don’t need to be and often aren’t inaccessible to readers outside the literary community—and so we do our best to try to get not just people who already know they like “hybrid” work to read our authors, but also to get people who are intellectually curious and want to find something new, and expand their reading habits.”

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John Skoyles: Definition of the Soul

I remember the burned-down house
where a wreath still hung on the door,
a wreath, stone-white to our surprise,
useless, forlorn, like a life-preserver
nailed to the shore’s churning rubble.

You said the flames went off somewhere,
strengthened, more vile than ever,
perhaps seeking a child’s crib.

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