A Six-Day Festival of Words, Poets and Stories in Greenfield

by Jacquelyn Malone

With its festival of language, poets and stories, the fifth Greenfield Annual Word Festival provides its audience with narratives for the firesides of winter. Beginning Tuesday, October 21 and running through Sunday, October 26, dozens of poets, storytellers and spoken word artists will regale listeners in six different spots around the city of Greenfield.

Paul Richmond, who for five years has run the program with Human Error Publishing, makes clear that though there will be award winning poets and storytellers participating, the program features open mikes for all local and statewide poets to participate. “GAWF gives stage time to writers of all ages and at all levels of experience,” he says, and adds “It is an honor to have you take part in this event.”

In addition to the performance events, GAWF features a book fair as well as places to eat and knock back a few with poetry friends.

See the program for times and individual locations, including a convenient map of downtown Greenfield.