In-school Student Day of Poetry
Thursday, June 18, 2015

On Thursday, June 18, the eighth grade class of Granby Jr. Sr. High School will attend
workshops and readings with visiting poets Emily Pettit and Karen Skolfield.

Writing Poetry in Response to Art
Emily Pettit

Often it is a poet's encounter with art, of various mediums, that pushes a poet to write something. Examples include writing in response to painting, photography, dance, television, film, music, or poems by other poets. In this workshop we will look at what listening, looking at and reading things might make one write. We will look at Gertrude Stein's prose portraits of artists such as Picasso and Matisse. We will read poems that use television and film to inspire their imagery. We will listen to mash-ups of poems and pop songs. We will talk about the various things we might mean when we say "pop." Poetry will point us toward things that are popular and things that are uncertain. We will write things. We will make things in response to other people making things.

Inventions and Secret Wishes
Karen Skolfield

Poet and novelist Lawrence Durrell said that “Our inventions mirror our secret wishes.” In this writing workshop, we’ll use real inventions, odd patents, the comic strips of Rube Goldberg’s wacky machines, and our own fabulous ideas to generate poetry – and maybe, along the way, we’ll figure out the secret wishes of these inventors and ourselves.