We are grateful to the following individuals, foundations, and organizations that make Mass Poetry's many programs possible. If you'd like to join the 2017 Funder Wall of Fame, you can donate now, check out our Sponsorship Menu, or email Sara Siegel at sara@masspoetry.org.

2017 Donors & Sponsors

Epic Sponsors

Ballad Sponsors

Jenny and Tony McAuliffe

Ode Sponsors

Renga Sponsors
Recurring Monthly Donors

Melanie Carver
Emily Ferrara
Nancy Hewitt
Tim Mayo
Paisley Rojagato
Ellen Watson
Michael West

Sonnet Sponsors

Paula and Fred Drake
Don McLagan
Bob Thomas and Polly Hoppin

Sestina Sponsors

Linda Mason and Roger Brown
Janet and John Pattillo
Michael West

Villanelle Sponsors

Pamela Aarons
Anita Diamant and James R. Ball
Wendy Harrington and Matthew Menard
Gwendolyn Jensen
Rachel Rock
Alexander Thorndike
Gina Vanderloop

Slam Sponsors

Stephen Atlas and Lestra Linchfield
Linda Bilmes
Katharine C. Black
Melanie Carver
Dr. Davis and Mr. Paolella
Hannah Larrabee
Jesse Littlewood
Fred Marchant
Tim Mayo
Ronny Mosston and Lance Hartford
Michael Oshins
Paisley Rojagato
Elliot Schildkrout
Angela Serig
Mark Wolf

Free Verse Sponsors

Georgia Aarons
Cameron Brandt
Carl Carlsen
William Conelly
Olivia D'Ambrosio
Gabrielle Elitov
Emily Ferrara
Jean Gibran
Jennifer Hendricks
Nancy Hewitt
Kathryn Hickman
Judith Hikes
Abby Ingraham
MaryBeth Johnson
Katie Keene
Lonsdale Koester
Fred Marchant
Larisa Mendez-Penate
Linda Pololi
Louis Poulo
Phyllis Robbins
Jacquelyne Walsh
Ellen Watson
Alison Whitebone
Kathleen Wright and Jonathan Ostrowsky


In celebration of Amy Gorin and the amazing 3rd Annual Poetry Reading at the Huntington Theater from Villanelle Sponsor Rachel Rock
In honor of Lloyd Schwartz and his variety of poetic voices and in memory of Mark Strand from Slam Sponsor Katharine C. Black
In honor of Jenny Toolin McAuliffe from Slam Sponsors Dr. Davis and Mr. Paolella
In honor of Anne & Lanny Thorndike from Villanelle Sponsor Alexander Thorndike
In honor of Nicco Mele from Free Verse Sponsor Georgia Aarons