We are grateful to the following individuals, foundations, and organizations that make Mass Poetry's many programs possible. If you'd like to join the 2016 Funder Wall of Fame, you can donate now, check out our Sponsorship Menu, or email Sara Siegel at sara@masspoetry.org.

2016 Donors & Sponsors

Epic Sponsors

Ansara Family Fund
Blue Haven Initiative

Ballad Sponsors

Tristin and Martin Mannion

Ode Sponsors

Don McLagan

Renga Sponsors
Recurring Monthly Donors

Melanie Carver
Nancy Hewitt
Tim Mayo
Paisley Rojagato
Ellen Watson
Michael West

Sonnet Sponsors

Jonathan Bush

Sestina Sponsors

Thomas Feeley
The Plymouth Rock Foundation
James and Cathleen Stone
Michael Thornton
Michael West

Villanelle Sponsors

The Parker Family Fund
Rosemary Shore

Slam Sponsors

Melanie Carver
Robbie Gamble
Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman
Peter Loge
Tim Mayo
Wendy Mnookin
Deborah Pfeiffer
Paisley Rojagato
Kathleen Spivack
Hilde Weisert

Free Verse Sponsors

Holly Clarke-McAlary
Raymond Evers
Nancy Hewitt
Lynn Holmgren
Shannon Janovitz
Mary Kress
Elizabeth LeClair
Kevin McCarthy
Kristen Paulson-Nguyen
Ronald Pies
John Ronan
Mark Schafer
Ellen Watson
Lloyd Westcott
Mary Whitney


In memory of Isabella Gardner, from Sestina Sponsor Michael West
In honor of Michael Ansara, from Free Verse Sponsor Elizabeth LeClair
In memory of Michelle Gillett, from Slam Sponsor Hilde Weisert
In honor of Don McLagan, from Slam Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman
In memory of Emily Sophia Westberg, from Free Verse Sponsor Mary Whitney
In honor of Amelia X., from Slam Sponsor Tim Mayo