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One of the most beautiful things about poetry is investing and confiding in a blank page. It's not going to judge you and it's free to fill up with the natural rhythm of everything going on in your mind. It's an often overlooked and vitally important part of the recovery process if you've gone through a difficult time. Jennifer Jean's poetry workshops at the Cambridge Women's Center help trauma survivors tackle their recovery through poetry.

Jennifer is organizing a fundraiser from August 23rd to October 1st to help fund these poetry workshops. The recovery group gets a series of poetry workshops tailored to their needs, Jennifer gets funding to teach the workshops, and perk donors get their books advertised!

You can visit the Free2Write website here. On Jennifer Jean's website (here), you can read about her work with human-trafficking and objectification in America as well as her poems on the topic.

To support the Free2Write Fundraiser, click here!

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Jennifer Jean’s debut poetry collection is The Fool (2013); her chapbooks include The Archivist (2011) and In the War (2010). Her poetry and prose have been published, or are forthcoming, in: Rattle, Waxwing, Drunken Boat, Tidal Basin Review, Denver Quarterly, Caketrain, Solstice, and Green Mountains Review. Jennifer is Poetry Editor for The Mom Egg Review, Administrative Editor for Talking Writing Magazine, Co-director of Morning Garden Artist Retreats, and she teaches Free2Write poetry workshops to sex-trafficking survivors. For more about Jennifer visit: