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Mass Poetry Appoints Executive Director

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Board of Directors of Mass Poetry is thrilled to announce the appointment of Laurin Macios to the role of Executive Director. She will be the organization’s first Executive Director when she steps into the role on May 30. Laurin will lead the Mass Poetry team of Sara Siegel, Program Director, and January Gill O'Neil, Director of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival.

Macios is the current Program Director of the Poetry Society of America, and was Program Director of Mass Poetry from June 2013 to December 2015. Mass Poetry, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018, has been led by Co-founder and Board Chair Michael Ansara since its inception in 2008. 
Macios’ track record is one of strategic programming and demonstrated commitment to organizational excellence and growth. Chairman Michael Ansara says, “Mass Poetry has grown and matured, and we are thrilled to appoint Laurin our first Executive Director and to have her back with us full-time. As our program director, she dramatically expanded our work and impact. She grew the reach of Student Day of Poetry from fewer than 700 students in 2013 to more than 4,000 in 2014 and 6,000 in 2015; launched and secured sponsorship for Poetry on the T; redesigned and online communications strategies to better support Mass Poetry’s programs, communities, and partners; and more. 
Laurin is an accomplished poet and an effective organizational manager and leader. She is devoted to building new audiences for poetry, to supporting other poets, and to bringing poetry to people in new and innovative ways. We believe that with her leadership, Mass Poetry will take another quantum leap and be able to use the power of poetry to transform the lives of young people, bring poetry into greater relevance and visibility for people of all ages, and grow and expand the organization.”
Macios says, “It’s an honor to return to Mass Poetry as Executive Director; I’m so passionate about Mass Poetry’s mission and believe deeply in the power of its programs. I look forward to helping ensure the organization’s future is a strong and viable one.”

Macios was born in Florida and raised in Florida, Germany, North Carolina, Holland, and Colorado. She has a background in scientific and textbook publishing, and earned her MFA in Poetry from the University of New Hampshire, where she taught on fellowship for three years. Her poetry appears in Salamander, Green Mountains Review online, The Pinch, and elsewhere, and she was a finalist for the 2016 Hudson Prize and the 2016 St. Lawrence Book Award, both from Black Lawrence Press, as well as the 2014 Boston Review/92Y Unterberg Poetry Center Discovery Prize. She will split her time between New York and Boston.

Mass Poetry believes in the power of words. We support poets and poetry in Massachusetts, help to broaden the audience of poetry readers, bring poetry to readers of all ages, and transform people’s lives through inspiring verse. Our work includes the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Student Day of Poetry, Poetry on the T, Raining Poetry, Common Threads, Educator Professional Development, An Evening of Inspired Leaders, and more. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.