Laurin Macios, Michael Ansara, January Gill O'Neil

Laurin Macios, Michael Ansara, January Gill O'Neil

A Letter from our Executive Director

Laurin Macios | March 14, 2018

Dear friends,

The fulfillment and joy I feel working on behalf of Massachusetts poets, and for the advancement of poetry's place in our state culture, hasn't waned since my first days as Coordinator of Outreach, Development, and Volunteers in early 2013. I am continually inspired by our vibrant and engaged poetry community, by our generous partners and collaborators, and by the public here in the Commonwealth who embraces poetry and the arts so deeply.

Every role I have held at Mass Poetry has been an honor and a pleasure, each job being one in partnership with our amazing poets—advocating for them, their poems, and poetry overall, and alerting (and converting!) non-poetry readers to the riches of poetry by placing poems in their paths. 

It has been a particular honor to be Mass Poetry's first full-time Executive Director and to have had the opportunity to lay the groundwork for the role. But our phenomenal board and I knew my home base in NYC would present a challenge, and went into it planning to see how and whether it could work. We've decided that we need someone local at the helm—someone who can be present every day, working tirelessly to promote and engage the state's vast and fantastic poetry community with the public. While I will miss working with and for you all, I am so excited for Mass Poetry to find that person.

We have posted the job, viewable here. Please share it with your networks, and if your experiences align with the job description, apply! Applications are due April 1 and we hope to have someone in the role before I leave in June.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival May 4-6 and having a chance to say goodbye! But of course, I plan to remain a stalwart supporter and patron of Mass Poetry, and will surely continue to see many of you in the future at events around the state! 

Always yours in poetry,