Common Threads Partnering Poets

By design, Common Threads seeks to reach people who are not particularly familiar or comfortable with poetry, asking them to not only discuss the poems in Common Threads, but to consider leading those discussions in their communities and work places, such as libraries, senior centers, churches, and more. To increase the comfort factor for those organizing the discussion of something they may not be expert at, these poets have offered to partner up with discussion group leaders who request it. We are very appreciative to the following poets for volunteering their time and skills to make Common Threads a fun, comfortable experience for those welcoming poetry into their communities! 

Check back periodically for more 2016 Partnering Poets.

Alexandra Vasiliu
Amy Dryansky
Ben Berman
Bob Sykora
D M Gordon
Daniel Johnson
David Giannini
Dianne Silvestri
Domenic Scopa
Elizabeth Bradfield
Emily Jaeger
Gail Thomas
Gwendolyn Jensen
Heather Hughes
Heidi Stahl
J. Lorraine Brown
Jacqueline Lapidus
Jamele Adams
Jay Featherstone
Jeffrey Harrison
Jennifer Jean
Jill McDonough
JoAnne Preiser
Joey Gould
John Bonanni
John J. Ronan
Jose Olivarez
Karen Kline
Karen Locascio
Karen Sharpe
Kate Glavin
Kathleen Trestka
Kelly DuMar
Kevin Hogan
Lesléa Newman
Lisa DeSiro
Lori Desrosiers
Lori Zimmermann
Maggie Dietz
Margaret Young
Maria Luisa Arroyo
Matt Miller
Matt Parker
Matt Wedlock
Neiel Israel
Pamela Bailey Powers
Patricia Gomes
Paula Zaccone
Rebecca Olander
Richard Michelson
Sam Cha
Sandra Kohler
Taylor Butts
Timothy Gager
Trish Crapo
Zachary Bos

What People Are Saying

"I partnered with librarian Amy Rhilinger at the Attleboro Public Library for a spirited reading and discussion of the Common Threads poems with a group ranging in age from teenage to retired. Volunteers from the group read each poem aloud (terrifically!) and then invited comments. While I may have been the “partnering poet” in the mix, the engaging and varied poems themselves invited the perspectives, musings, questions, and connections that followed. On yet another cold, snowy night in Massachusetts, I think we all came away feeling nourished and warmed." -Amy M. Clark

"Thank you so very much for your work on Common Threads. The Attleboro Public Library had their discussion last night with Amy M. Clark and it was a lot of fun, for poetry lovers and for the folks that were new to it. We had everyone from teens to retirees and it was just delightful." -Amy Rhilinger, Attleboro Public Library