In-School Student Day of Poetry
November 18, 2015

Poetry Dive
Carolyn Dragon

This workshop will begin with casual guided mediation and poetry with music. As we ride the waves of the poems and sounds, we'll take note of words and images that ignite creativity. Students will then take to pen and paper, journeying through free writing with no boundaries, exploring and creating a message, a poem, a journaling. At the end of the poetry dive, there will be time for a few to share their writing. This is a simple way to enjoy poetry, to relax, to reboot and to create together.

Finding Inspiration in Gratitude & Myth
Heidi Stahl

We will spend much of our brief time writing. Since we are entering the season of giving thanks, we’ll engage a writing exercise using gratitude to get our pens moving. From there, we’ll use memory to mine our early years for mythical places and beings, then use the material we’ve generated to write a poem that you can read at the final assembly. I love the energy that is created when people write together, and I’m excited to see what we create.