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Welcome to the webpage for Mass Poetry's 2015 In-school Student Day of Poetry at Brookline High School! On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, poetry will take over Brookline High, engaging students in poetry writing workshops, readings, and performances. On this site, get to know the participating poets, their poetry, and the dynamic workshops they'll be leading.


Writing-Generative Workshops

The Defining Moment
Charles Coe

Every life is filled with “defining moments.” Your family moves to another town. You make the basketball team at school. Someone sets off a bomb at the Boston Marathon. One moment, the world is one way. The next moment, everything has changed. Defining moments can be very personal. They can affect your neighborhood, or the whole world. They can be terrible or wonderful. In our workshop, “The Defining Moment,” we explore how they can be powerful inspirations for the poet.

Mask Making
Johnette Ellis

“To understand something new requires that we make ourselves ready for it, that we prepare ourselves for it; it entails the shaping of a new form”. -Frantz Fanon

Working with several prompts in this workshop, we’ll explore the many masks we wear in the world. Through the form of prose poetry, we will hone our voice,  sharpen our tone and reach for the surreal to craft a version of these masks with words and ideas. We will create with the ultimately goal of taking off our masks, exposing something new!

Jump Starting Your Writing and Telling Your Inner Voice to Shut Up
Timothy Gager

Do you believe in writers block? I don't, because even though you may have heard all about it, writers block only exists if you want it to. It's all about FEAR! Today's workshop will demonstrate how to work with prompts, either pictures or words, and what's the best way to workshop. 


The Unlettered Muse: Poetry and the Creative Mind
Regie Gibson

This will be a lively writing workshop for those of you who want to write without all the rules you never wanted to learn anyway. By using both surrealist and structured techniques, like we will peep under the left and right sides of the brain and see what peeps back.


"No Ideas But in Things"
Jennifer Martelli

We are surrounded by “things” everyday:  deep in our junk drawers, deep in our hearts.  Bring something with you--the pencil you used when you aced that test, the spare earring, the baseball--and let’s weave the everyday with the magical.  Let’s let these objects take “dominion everywhere,” and mingle with the stars.  We’ll look at some poems that make this happen.  And then we’ll write.

Speak Your Story!
Jonathan Mendoza

Get real! Speak truth! Honest writing and performing can be important, moving and transformative for both the speaker and listener. Through various theatre and writing exercises, this workshop will get you to explore your inner self and speak your story as you wish to express it. P.S. Fun will be had!

Storytelling: Taking Us There
Lewis Morris

In this workshop, students will take a look at storytelling, and using poetry as a means to do it.  Through a series of short exercises culminating into a longer writing session, using a wealth of literary devices at their disposal to craft poems that tell stories, and draws readers and listeners in.


The Voice You Find Might Be Your Own
Danielle Jones-Pruett

Seamus Heaney said "finding a voice means that you can get your own feeling into your own words and that your words have the feel of you about them." But it isn't always easy to pin down the distinct characteristics--the grammar and syntax and music--that add up to "you." Like saying your own name too many times, trying too hard can make your voice unrecognizable. We'll work on strengthening our own voices by writing persona poems where we give voice to others. We'll revisit fairytales, myths, news stories, giving speech to those who were silenced. And then we'll listen, because in the echoes of those lost voices we might find exactly the thing we've been trying to say.

The Uncommon Cliche
Jade Sylvan

Everyone wants to write about the big stuff. Love. Death. War. Racism. Zombies. One challenge for new writers (and, let's be honest, lots of old writers) is how to tackle topics that have been done a billion times before. This workshop focuses on finding techniques to approach these themes in fresh, unique, and powerful ways.


Workshops with Regie Gibson & Timothy Gager

Workshops with Regie Gibson, Timothy Gager, Jonathan Mendoza, Jade Sylvan, & Johnette Ellis

A reading by Regie Gibson, Timothy Gager, Jonathan Mendoza, Jade Sylvan, & Johnette Ellis

Workshops with Danielle Jones Pruett, Lewis Morris, Charles Coe, & Jennifer Martelli

Workshops with Danielle Jones Pruett, Lewis Morris, Charles Coe, & Jennifer Martelli

A reading by Danielle Jones Pruett, Lewis Morris, Charles Coe, & Jennifer Martelli