Brockton champion high school
In-school student day of poetry
january 21, 2016

 poet workshops

Chris Souza

Let Go & Look Closer

The "Let Go" exercise invites students to be daring in their word choices. "Look Closer" encourages students to consider the kinds of feelings an image can invoke.

The first part of the workshop used the "Let Go" exercise where students generated a word for something they could like, eat, take, give, and name any object. Students could be literal or figurative in their responses. Then they used the words they generated to create a short poem. The second exercise was called "Look Closer." Students were asked to view a an oil painting and consider the feelings it created then write a short poem from the point of view of either the artist or the subject or who or what had killed the subject, in this case a Mourning Dove.

Tracy Furtado

Words, Image, Impact

In this workshop, we will be playing with words to show how to create images that create an emotional response in the reader. We will be looking at work of other poets and playing with your own words. In a variety of ways, you will experiment with words and emotion.