Mass Poetry Article Archive

Poems as Pilgrims by Robbie Gamble | June 2017

Getting to Know Fred Marchant and His New Book Said Not Said | June 2017

10+ Questions with Calvin Olsen by Laurin Macios | May 2017

Getting to Know Kim Garcia and Her New Books Drone & The Brighter House

10+ Questions with Will Dowd by Laurin Macios | May 2017

An Interview with Aimee Nezhukumatathil, a 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner by Lauren McCormick | April 2017

Unburying Malcolm Miller by Rod Kessler | April 2017

Ross Gay, 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner: Sonic Intoxication by heather hughes | April 2017

Getting to Know Jayne Benjulian and Her New Book Five Sextillion Atoms

On Eileen Myles, 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner by Woody Woodger | April 2017

Mass Poetry's Professional Development Course Made Me a Better Teacher by Shannon Janovitz, English teacher at Burlington High School | April 2017

Getting to Know Alice Kociemba and Her New Book Bourne Bridge April 2017

So Starve: Sustenance and Desire with Kazim Ali, a 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner by Hannah Larrabee | March 2017

Creative Spirits Soar in Poetry Workshop for Seniors by Sandra Storey | March 2017

Louise Glück, 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner: Poems Where Contradictory Elements Are Simultaneously True by Jacquelyn Malone | March 2017

On the Line Inspired by a 2016 Dodge Poetry Festival panel on THE POETIC LINE.

An Interview with Rigoberto González, a 2017 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Headliner by heather hughes | March 2017

Getting to Know Meia Geddes and Her New Book Love Letters to the World

10+ Questions with Frances Kimpel by Laurin Macios | February 2017

Getting to Know Diane Croft and Her New Book The Unseen Partner: Love & Longing in The Unconscious

10+ Questions with David DiSarro by Laurin Macios | February 2017

The Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference: Interview with Poet and Founder Joan Houlihan by Jacqueline Malone | January 2017

Getting to Know Joshua Michael Stewart and His New Book Break Every String

Getting to Know Jennifer Martelli and Her New Book The Uncanny Valley

10+ Questions with Victoria Thompson by Laurin Macios | January 2017

Getting to Know the FPP Poetry Institute: A Q&A with Robert Pinsky by Laurin Macios | January 2016

Getting to Know John Ronan and His New Book Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown

War’s Impossible Text by Danielle Legros Georges | December 2016

Poetry and Sculpture: A Q&A with Murray Dewart by Laurin Macios | December 2016

Getting to Know Hannah Fries and Her New Book Little Terrarium

Researching Poetry Publishers by heather hughes | December 2016

A Gephyrophobe in Newark: At The Dodge Poetry Festival, October 21-23 by Jennifer Martelli | December 2016

Catching Up with Doug Holder: A Q&A by Laurin Macios | November 2016

10+ Questions with Matt Parker by Laurin Macios | November 2016

10+ Questions with Alyssa Mazzarella by Laurin Macios | November 2016

From Ballrooms to Book Arranging by heather hughes | November 2016

Literary Legacies: Spending Halloween with Swords, Poppy Seed, and Amy Lowell by Lauren McCormick | October 2016

Getting to Know Kevin Gallagher and His New Book Loom

Getting to Know Keith Althaus and His New Book Cold Storage

Getting to Know Jim Lafond- Lewis and His New Book The Year There Were No Apples

10+ Questions! with Krista Oehlke by Laurin Macios | October 2016

Don’t Stop Feeling: A Flash Review of Leora Fridman’s My Fault by Lora Straub | October 2016

Toward the Hanging Tree: A Conversation with Ginny Lowe Connors by Laurin Macios | October 2016

Farming and Poetry in Western Massachusetts: An Interview with Tess Taylor by Theodore Wahle | September 2016

The World in a Grain of Sand: Incorporating a sense of scale in poetry by Meg Winikates | September 2016

Gail Mazur: Poet and Reading Series Founder Inspired by Community by Sandra Storey | September 2016

Getting to Know Jennifer Barber and Her New Book Works on Paper | August 2016

10+ Questions with Lauren McCormick by Laurin Macios | August 2016

The Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon: A Q&A with Michael Medeiros by Laurin Macios | August 2016

10+ Questions with Jessica Fjeld by Laurin Macios | August 2016

Literary Legacies: Workshopping with Anne Sexton by Robbie Gamble | August 2016

10+ Questions with Josh Cook by Laurin Macios | August 2016

Curating Creative Cities

10+ Questions! with David Bartone by Laurin Macios | August 2016

Recovering the Poetry of Harriet Beecher Stowe by Nancy Lusignan Schultz, Ph.D. | July 2016

10+ Questions! with Tara Skurtu by Laurin Macios | July 2016

Bringing Poetry to the Public in Newton by Grey Held | July 2016

10+ Questions! with Charlotte Seley by Laurin Macios | July 2016

Meet the Mass LEAP Slam Poetry Team by Teddy Wahle | July 2016

10+ Questions! with Andrew K. Peterson by Laurin Macios | June 2016

Not Quite a Swan Song by Jacquelyn Malone | June 2016

Getting to Know Audrey Henderson and Her New Book Airstream

10+ Questions! With Mario Alejandro Ariza by Laurin Macios | June 2016

10+ Questions! With Heather Hughes by Laurin Macios | June 2016

Getting to Know Martha Collins and Her New Book Admit One: An American Scrapbook

Yoga and Poetry:  A Q&A with Lindsey O’Neill by Laurin Macios

10+ Questions! With Hannah Larrabee by Laurin Macios

Getting to Know Daniel Tobin and His New Book From Nothing

Caution, Turns Ahead by Cindy Veach

Many Arts, One Big Top: Joining the Poetry Circus by Joey Gould, a.k.a. Joey ToShines, the Poetry Barker

Drinking the Milk of Paradise: On Falling in Love With Coleridge's Kubla Khan by Lauren McCormick

Getting to Know Ron Pies and His New Book The Myeloma Year

Education: the Key to an Appreciation of Poetry by Richard Blanco

FAWC Workshops: A Place for Inspiration, Artistic Community, and the Gift of Time

Getting to Know Ruth Lepson and Her New Book Ask Anyone

Youth Slam Competition Generates Poetry and Community by Jacquelyn Malone

Missing the Mass Poetry Festival 2016 – and Anticipating Next Year! by Jacquelyn Malone

Mark Doty: A Poet of Loss, Acceptance, Transcendence – and a Bit of Humor by Alice Kociemba

Done with Beauty: on Sandra Beasley—Festival Headliner by Jennifer Jean

Martha Collins Takes on the Personal and the Political with a Poet's Eye by Beth Anne Cooke-Cornell

Expect the Unexpected at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival by Ashley Cunningham

The Ferocity of Loss: Poet Edward Hirsch, Author of Gabriel, to Appear at Massachusetts Poetry Festival by Michael H. Rand

Poetry for a Rainy Day: Plus an Interview with Boston’s Poet Laureate by Sara Siegel

Needed: Public Pressure to Create the Office of Mass Poet Laureate! by Jacquelyn Malone

Flying High (and Low) with Ada Limón by Beth Moore

Ocean Vuong: A Knife on the Tongue by Jennifer Martelli

Deep Image and “What the Living Do”: An Encounter with Marie Howe’s Poetry by Elisabeth Weiss

Celebrated Robert Creeley Award Goes to Tracy K. Smith: A Conversation with Susan Edwards Richmond

Getting to Know Moira Linehan and Her New Book Incarnate Grace

Cornelia Veenendaal, A Quiet Force for Poetry in Massachusetts by Helena Minton

Charles Simic Will Bring His Stealthy Surreal Pleasure to This Year’s MPF by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Kevin Hogan and His New Book My Ríastrad

Tell Your State Senator We Need a Massachusetts Poet Laureate!

Gregory Pardlo Returns to the 2016 Massachusetts Poetry Festival

Getting to Know David Giannini and His New Book Span of Thread

Getting to Know Moira Linehan and Her New Book Incarnate Grace

A Q&A with David Rivard, Our First MPF Featured Poet

Alice Kociemba: First Poem That Enthralled Me

An Appreciation of Michelle Gillett by Jacquelyn Malone

Translation as the Feeling of the Sound as Well as the Meaning of the Words by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Hilde Weisert and Her New Book The Scheme of Things

Jennifer Jean: The First Poem I Ever Loved – “DADDY” by Sylvia Plath

Getting to Know Kevin McLellan and His New Book Tributary

On Not Joining: Remembering C.D. Wright by Anna Ross

Introducing 2016’s Common Threads Program and Poems by Alice Kociemba

Community, then Action by Wesley Rothman

Getting to Know Rebecca Kaiser Gibson and Her New Book Opinel

Why Poetry? In School Student Day of Poetry at Oxford High School by Jade Sylvan

Jacquelyn Malone: What Did Miss Caldwell Know about the First Poem I Fell in Love With?

A Ball of Energy Takes Charge of Student Day of Poetry

Getting to Know Dennis Pollock and His New Book Frozen Rope

Welcoming Our New Program Director – Sara Siegel

Inspired Leaders and Inspiring Poetry

Getting to Know Holly Guran and Her New Book River of Bones

Farewell from Laurin

John J. Ronan: Tumbling for Words in Auden’s “Musée des Beaux Arts”

Talking with David McCullough, Jr., in Advance of “An Evening for Inspired Leaders”

Getting to Know Andrew K. Peterson and His New Book Anonymous Bouquet

Falling in Love with Edna St. Vincent Millay’s “Renascence” by Hannah Fries

Mass Poetry Board of Directors: Both Dreamers and Go-Getters!

Getting to Know Simeon Berry and His New Books Ampersand Revisited and Monograph

Getting to Know Ed Meek and His New Book Spy Pond

Mass Poetry’s Ever-Expanding Role in Massachusetts Schools

Poetry Across America: Organizations Meet to Promote the Value Poets Bring to Culture

Mass Poetry's Annual Fundraiser to Feature David McCullough, Diane Patrick, Robert Pinsky and More

Plein Air: Poetry in and about the Natural World

Getting to Know Elizabeth Bradfield and Her New Book Once Removed

What Mass Poetry Offers for Your Support of Our Programs

Youth and Poetry at the Merrimack Rep and at Mass Poetry

Getting to Know Leopold Figaro and His New Book The Colored Seasons

J.D. Scrimgeour Remembers C.K. Williams by J.D. Scrimgeour

Why I Fell in Love with the Martha’s Vineyard Writers Residency by Laurin Macios

Getting to Know Daryl Muranaka and His New Book Hanami

United and Mingling: Poetry and Boston by Danielle Legros Georges

Choosing Poems for Thousands to Read: The Common Threads Editor

Julia Lisella:  I Loved Losing Myself at the Vermont Studio Center

Getting to Know Deborah Gorlin and Her New Book Life of the Garment

Lowell Students are Stricken by the Poetry Bug

Entering "A Lovely Light" at the Millay Colony

Getting to Know Sarah Sousa and Her New Book Split the Crow

For Harlym 1Two5 (Jamele Adams), Poetry Unifies His Varied Life

Remembering Jim by Gail Mazur

Getting to Know Gary Metras and His New Book The Moon in the Pool

John Farrell's Remarkable Journey to a YouTube Stable of Poems

Getting to Know Wally Swist and His New Book Daodejing

Tupelo Press Through the Eyes of Its Managing Editor, Jim Schley by Jacquelyn Malone

Ben Berman: Reflections on Teaching Poetry

Getting to Know Molly Lynn Watt and Her New Book On Wings of Song

Denise Duhamel: State of Poetry, an Antidote to the Breezy Vapidity of Pop Culture

Bridge & Knit: The State of Poetry by Jennifer Jean

Reflections on Teaching Poetry: "Students Have Something to Say" by Shannon Murphy

Getting to Know Denise Bergman and Her New Book A Woman In Pieces Crossed the Sea

Ambition and a Small Press that Recognizes it: Gregory Pardlo's Road to the Pulitzer by Jacquelyn Malone

Catie Button: Reflections on Teaching Poetry

Getting To Know Margot Douaihy and Her New Book Girls Like You

Called to Order: How we're Wired to See, Hear, Think and Create in Form by Rhina Espaillat

Rest In Peace, Franz Wright by Joan Houlihan

Getting To Know Liam Day and His New Book Afforded Permanence

Deborah Szabo: Reflections on Teaching Poetry

2015 Massachusetts Poetry Festival Photo Gallery

It's a Wrap: Seven People Tell Us What They Liked Best About the Poetry Festival by Jacquelyn Malone

Last Feature on the Festival- New Poetry Prize Winner, and a Carnival by Jacquelyn Malone

Honest Thoughts on Loving Festival and SDOP Headliner Rachel Wiley, Or: A List of Things I Love About Fat Girl Finishing School by Laurin Macios

Getting to Know Kathy Nilsson and Her New Book The Infant Scholar

Getting to Know Julia Lisella and Her New Book Always

Make it Local Says This Years Common Threads Planners by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Lori Lomathe and Her New Book Trace Elements

Festival Headliner Regie Gibson: The Voice of Harvest, Magnitude and Bond by Nicole Terez Dutton

Getting To Know Sandee Storey and Her New Book, Every State Has Its Own Light

Festival Headliner Adrian Matejka's The Big Smoke

Festival Headliner Jorie Graham: An Inventive Voice and Vision by Kirun Kapur

Festival Poet Rita Dove: An Apprecition by Claire Keyes

Getting To Know Christopher Reilley and His New Book, Breathing for Clouds

Getting To Know Michael West and His New Books The Mango, 52 Haiku, and Natural Selection

Getting to Know Steven Riel and His New Book, Fellow Odd Fellow

Danielle Legros Georges: Inspiring New Poet Laureate for Boston by Jacquelyn Malone

How to Fall in Love with the Poetry of Edward Hirsch by Mark Schorr

Robert Pinsky's "How to Read a Poem" in Common Threads by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Terry S. Johnson and Her New Book, Coelescence

Introduction to Malcolm Miller, Poet of Salem by Rod Kessler

Catch Mr. Hip's Reading and Raffle for Poetry and Youth by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Len Solo and His New Book, A Symphony of the Ordinary

Nicco Mele: Why I Love Poetry

Josh Cook: Why I Love Poetry

Getting to Know Jennifer Markell and her New Book, Samsara

Poems for Winter Nights by Jacquelyn Malone

Getting to Know Leslea Newman and her New Book, I Carry My Mother

José Olivarez: Why I Love Poetry

The Fun of Fundraising for Mass Poetry by Jacquelyn Malone

Julie Ann Otis: Why I Love Poetry

On Festival Poet Denise Duhamel by Dawn Paul

Common Threads Delight: Treasures and Shivers on a Winter Night by Jacquelyn Malone

Bits of Flynn: On Rereading Nick Flynn's Some Ether

Philip Levine: A Remembrance by January Gill O'Neil

Getting to Know Kelly DuMar and Her New Book, All These Cures

January Gill O'Neil Talks About Her New Book, Misery Islands

Getting to Know Andrea Werblin and Her New Book, Sunday With the Sound Turned Off

A Special Invitation to the Salem Literary Festival to Our Readers by Jacquelyn Malone

Poetry: A Love that Brings Deeper Understanding of Objects and Ideas by Jacquelyn Malone

An Interview with Joan Houlihan, Director of the Colrain Conferences by Jacquelyn Malone

Jackie Malone: Why I Love Poetry

An Interview: A Poet Writes a Play About Gerard Manley Hopkins by Jacquelyn Malone

emersonWRITES - A Cutting Edge Program for High School Students by Jacquelyn Malone

The Skinny on Boston's New Literary District: An Interview with Coordinator Larry Lindner by Jacquelyn Malone

Features of Our Calendar You'll Love! by Katie Crawford

MASSCreative Asks You to Show Your Political Support for the Arts by Jacquelyn Malone

For Inspiring Young Poets: The Helen Creeley Student Poetry Prize by Katie Crawford

Our Own Jones-Pruett Wins Rona Jaffe Award by Jacquelyn Malone

Homeless Veteran Wins Poetry Prize by Jacquelyn Malone

The deCordova's Amazing Art and Poetry Program by Jacquelyn Malone

A Whitman Alive as You and Me by Mark Schorr

Poetic Crossover by Mark Schorr