Come Celebrate with Poetry Lovers in Amherst

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It's September! That means it's time to get excited for the Amherst Poetry Festival and Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon!

They have a weekend filled with fun activities, centered around their love of poetry and Emily Dickinson. From all-day poetry readings to documentaries, from art galleries to writing workshops, they have curated a wonderful selection of events that will appeal to anyone who wants to create or partake in something beautiful.

"What the Emily Dickinson Museum has created is a magical weekend of community vibes and poetry love, in celebration of the power of words and the people who devote themselves to stringing them together, whether they receive the most public and precious of accolades for doing so or whether no single friend knows they pen poetry in private--which is deeply in sync with Mass Poetry's mission," says Laurin Macios, executive director of Mass Poetry. "It's going to be an amazing fifth anniversary festival, and we are proud to be involved!"

For the schedule of events and other information, please visit the Emily Dickinson Museum's website here.


Check out some pictures from the Poetry Fest and Marathon in previous years!