Online button sales have closed. Purchase or pick up your button at the festival, starting May 4 at our headquarters Old Town Hall (32 Derby Square), at either of our outdoor info booths (one near Old Town Hall and one near the PEM), or in the lobby of our bigger venues, like the PEM or Hawthorne Hotel.

After purchasing your button, you can create your own schedule at note: The scheduling site allows you to create your own personal schedule for your reference. The attendee list is used only for workshops and headliners. All other sessions are first come first served.

The workshop fee allows you to sign up for as many workshops as you want to take. Please note that reserving your spot for the workshops of your choice via our schedule (by creating a profile and adding the workshops to your schedule) is key, as the workshops fill up fast.

In order to bring you the high-quality festival events you’ve come to enjoy and expect, we have raised admission fees this year. But we encourage you to take advantage of our early-bird pricing. Mass Poetry operates on donations and small foundation grants. Your generosity helps us run programs all year long, including our Student Day of Poetry, Poetry on the T, Raining Poetry, and, of course, the Mass Poetry Festival. Consider purchasing a ticket for a poetry lover, or donate to help us continue the momentum toward the festival and beyond.

Donations to Mass Poetry
At these prices, we will generate only enough revenue to cover half of the festival costs, but it is important to us to keep prices low so that everyone can attend. We encourage those who have the means to add a donation to their button purchase to help us continue to offer the festival experience at a low price. You can either purchase your button above and donate separately, or simply use this donate button, adding your donation amount to the cost of your ticket, and noting the donation amount when prompted during your transaction.