2019 Raise your verse Crowdfunding Campaign

Mass Poetry’s 2019 Raise Your Verse is now live!

Raise Your Verse is a six-week writing campaign that brings together poets, supporters, community members, and friends alike. Over six weeks, poets, writers, and community members will help Mass Poetry raise $20,000+ to benefit our innovative programming. Participants can write poems, haikus, free verse, sonnets, epistolary poems—any style, really, even prose—to share with their readers in exchange for donations to Mass Poetry. People can form teams or forge ahead alone. Most importantly, it should be fun!

If you are interested in participating in Raise Your Verse, visit our Crowdrise page here!


How do I get involved?

The fundraiser runs from Thursday, September 19th, 2019 through the end of October. You can sign up as early or as late as you want within the six-week campaign. We'll be kicking-off the campaign with our Raise Your Verse Kick-off Event on Thursday, September 5th. On Thursday, October 17th, we'll celebrate our success with a Finale Event for writers, donors, and anyone else who would like to support Mass Poetry.

You do not have to identify as a writer or poet to participate in Raise Your Verse! You can write poetry of your own to share with your followers or you can choose to share poetry from others that you love and want to share with others.

How Do I Fundraise?

Bringing in donations is easy! We’re using Crowdrise as our online platform, and every participant can create their own fundraising page. Using our Crowdrise platform, you’ll ask friends, family, and colleagues to donate to help you reach your fundraising goal. Raise Your Verse is a go-at-your-own-pace campaign. There is no minimum number of poems you have to write/share but we’re encouraging individuals to raise at least $300 and teams to raise $750+. Once you set up your page, start fundraising! 

You do not have to wait for September 5th to start. As soon as you setup your page, you can start fundraising!

Some Guidelines and Tips

Raise Your Verse is designed to be a low-key and fun way of helping you keep your pen to the page while raising important funds for Mass Poetry. First decide what form of poetry you’d like to write. Next, think about how you want to share your work with your donors. For example, at the end of the competition, you could provide each donor with a copy of three original poems that you send their way or you could create a broadside that you mail to your supporters. You could also create a little zine to thank your supporters. Most importantly, make it easy on yourself, so it’s simple to turn around and thank your donors at the end of Raise Your Verse.

Still have questions? Feel free to email development @masspoetry.org with questions, concerns, or comments.